Are you looking for a tax agent in Cairns to help you prepare your tax return?
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Benefits of using Barron Tax & Finance for your next tax return:

Time saving:
While there are a fair few DIY online tax tools out there, nothing beats the convenience of sitting with your tax agent and getting the job done.

In that time, Sheree will ask you a series of questions and review your documentation to secure the best result.

Alternatively we can provide just as good a service via external correspondence. You can email, post or drop off your information and leave it to us to prepare the return - Giving you extra time to do other things.

No stress:
When you lodge your return yourself, the responsibility falls squarely on your shoulders. No matter how innocent the mistake, if the ATO comes knocking, you may have to deal with an audit. One of the biggest advantages of using a tax agent is that you get peace of mind. Choosing to lodge through Barron Tax & Finance ensures you're compliant with tax laws and you can rest easy knowing your return has been accurately prepared.

Extended deadlines:
If you lodge your tax return using a tax agent, the usual deadline of October 31st (that applies to self-lodgers) does not apply to you when working with an agent. When utilising Barron Tax & Finance you potentially have until May the following year to complete your return.

The value of relationships:
If you're a working Australian, there's no getting out of your taxes. As tax can be a complex and nuanced exercise, there's great value in building a relationship with your tax agent. As tax time nears, Sheree and Edna from Barron Tax & Finance will already have a solid understanding of your financial situation and can provide you with tailored tax advice to make the most of your money. As your circumstances change, your tax agent can offer advice and suggestions to help you maximise your finances and ensure you get back what you deserve.

Less complex:
One thing's for sure, all tax returns are unique. If you've got a complicated financial situation, getting the right advice can save you time, stress and unnecessary payments to the ATO. Sitting down with Sheree and Edna from Barron Tax & Finance is an extremely beneficial exercise; crucial to working out the intricacies of your finances and what you're entitled to claim. If you've got several jobs, earn additional income through the sharing economy, run a business, own rental property or juggle an investment portfolio, using a tax agent is definitely worth it.

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